Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica captures the magic from the very beginning. Your Costa Rica destination wedding should be an unforgettable event documented through photos that capture every breathtaking detail.

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Capturing the bride at every moment of her wedding

The hours before the wedding should not be stressful for the bride; on the contrary, the idea is for her to spend unforgettable moments with her family and bridesmaids, waiting for the moment to say “yes” to the love of her life. At Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica we are professionals in wedding photography and…

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Marrying at the beach: an opportunity to take spectacular pictures

Thinking about the best location to say “I do” to the love of your life? Beaches are a great choice when it comes to get married in an exotic location but also because they give you the chance to have amazing wedding pictures. Now that you have chosen a beach as your wedding venue or…

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How to share your wedding pictures with family and friends

Wedding pictures allow sharing one of the most important moments in the life of someone: when two people in love unite to be together for the rest of their lives. So after the wedding, the couple can’t wait to return from their honeymoon to see and share their wedding pictures with family and friends. When…

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2017 trends for wedding dresses: say goodbye to traditional dresses

Choose the dress for your wedding in Costa Rica is perhaps the most important issue because brides want to look radiant and perfect, but also modern and original. The trend for modern brides and their bridesmaids it`s to forget about white and too ornate dresses. Plus, now they love to bare the shoulders. Here we…

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7 tips for planning the perfect wedding menu

Every wedding guest secretly hopes for amazing food, and of course, the wedding couple also wants everything to be perfect that day. Lucky for you, planning a spectacular wedding menu is easier than you think; all it takes is a little pre work, some creativity and a great catering service Looking for more wedding planning…

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Photo booths: A fun way to remember your wedding

Posing at a wedding had never been so much fun! With hats, funny masks, signs, carnival items or funny clothes the guests to your dream wedding can spend a unique moment in front of the camera and at the same time help you catch the memories that made that day something even more special. Photo…

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Wedding in Costa Rica: choose an exotic beach as your wedding location

Imagine this unique scenario: getting married in a magnificent exotic beach with a beautiful sunset lighting up every face and every smile… The sand is covered with roses while you walk down the aisle… And then, finally comes the moment you have been waiting for months: You say “I do” with the sea as your…

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10 examples of how unique wedding photos can be

Gone are the traditional wedding photos where the couple used to pose with no movement and very serious faces, while in the back we used to see guests applauding… Today, your wedding photographs can be spectacular and out of the ordinary with a mixture of elements and very realistic colors, reflecting the happiness of you…

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