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Costa Rica Weddings

Your Costa Rica destination wedding should be an unforgettable event documented through photos that capture every breathtaking detail.

This is how our story begins. My name is Sergio Pucci and I founded Stories Wedding Photography with the intention of capturing love in all its forms; and in so doing, I nurture my love for what I do. After 15 years as a photographer and shooting over 150 weddings in Costa Rica, I started Stories Wedding Photography with the intention of working with fellow liked minded photographers that share the same philosophy and a photo style as my own. I am more passionate than ever about my work, in part because I have been fortunate to apply it to so many different areas, each creating new perspectives.

Weddings invariably produce the most stunning images.

From this complex production some truly special moments emerge, unpredictable and utterly sincere. As a wedding photographer you can’t plan for these moments, you can only become attuned to the people involved and their emotions, and capture the moments as they happen. All the ingredients to a big production are there – the “models”, the makeup, the clothing, the setting, the passion – and it’s all real, all of it authentic.

The best part of being a wedding photographer is that you become, along with your work, part of an unforgettable experience. Your work is truly appreciated, because it becomes an important part of your client’s memories. It’s an honor to be able to offer a gift so priceless.

It’s important for us to fully immerse ourselves in our client’s experience.

Stories Wedding Photographers are based in San José, but intimately familiar with all of Costa Rica, and happy to lend advice on location, weather, seasonal changes or anything else to do with planning your Costa Rica wedding. Please don’t hesitate to ask – the success of Stories Wedding Photography depends on the success of your special day.

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