5 things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer in Costa Rica

Picking Costa Rica as your wedding destination was a great choice. Now comes the fun part: deciding on your decorations, food, music and the person (or team) who is going to capture everything and make it everlasting through the wedding photos.

We know that not everyone will be able to make it to your wedding in Costa Rica. That’s why you need to have not good but excellent pictures of your big day. You’re probably going to send them to your family and friends and everyone will be wanting to have a sneak peak in social media.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with this big decision. Here are 5 things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer in Costa Rica:

1 – Do your research

Of course, every photographer will want to sell you on their strengths, but have you looked for his/her reputation, his/her experience with destination weddings, his/her portfolio?

If you already have a good idea of how your wedding’s going to be (details such as the time and place) ask them to show you similar wedding pictures so you can really have an idea how your portraits could turn out.

For example, if your wedding is going to be at sunset, ask for ceremony and night reception photographs. If you’re planning on having bridesmaids and a big wedding party, make the request for seeing wedding pictures of big groups.

2 – Don’t wait until the last minute

Make it a priority, especially if you want to hire one of the top wedding photographers in Costa Rica.

Many of them have a busy agenda and are booked 6 months in advance. So please do not leave it for the end of your to-do list.

3 – Style Matters

Documentary, photojournalism, vintage, editorial… it’s up to you to choose whose style you love! However, take into consideration that if you’re coming to this country with such stunning views, you’ll probably want to pick a photographer with landscape and nature experience.

4 – Hire a Costa Rican photographer

Using the same logic as the last topic, you would do well to entrust your memories to someone who actually knows the area.

Costa rRican photographers know where the wild things are and how to turn them into unique frames. They know where the flowers and plants that you googled (and loved) are and will work with you to make it all come together.

5 – Be friends with them

Talk to them beforehand! Schedule a call via skype so you can see each other and talk about what you would like to see in your wedding pictures. This experience will help you find out if you get along.

You need to make sure there’s a connection. After all, they’re going to be with you all day during your wedding day! Emotions can run high and you want to hire someone who you have chemistry with who can help manage these emotions.

Choosing the location was tough and choosing the person who’s going to make it all last can also be a challenge, but we’re pretty sure that this little piece of advice will help you with the task.

Questions? We’d be glad to help you and guide you, just reach out to us with your questions! Contact us for  more information or a free estimate here.