5 ways to spot a Pro vs. Amateur Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day will be filled with magical moments and people celebrating your happy union. You’ll want to cherish those memories forever. Choosing the best photographer will go a long way in helping to make sure your wedding photos are a source of joy, and not regret.

So, how do you know if a photographer’s wedding photography is good or bad? How do you spot the difference between a pro and an amateur wedding photographer?

Up next, we’ll show you 5 things to look for to choose the best wedding photography:

1 – Logistics

Pro: A good wedding photographer knows the venue, the light, the cool spots for photos, has multiple light sources.

Amateur: Bad photographers Improvise everything, it takes more time to organize the locations, discovers “ok” spots on the run.

2 – Meeting the couple

Pro: Weeks earlier, a good photographer dedicates time to know the couple, their profiles, how they like to be photographed.


Amateur: A bad photographer has never met the couple before the wedding. He’ll just wing it, what could possible go wrong?

3 – Knows the Wedding Guests

Pro: Takes note of who the special guests are, family & friends who are closer to the bride and groom, in order to capture the best moments.

Amateur: Doesn’t take notes and the this happens: “Why is your cousin in all the pictures? Where are my friends, where’s the rest of your family?”


4 -Photo Check list

Pro: A wedding happens in the blink of an eye, so you need to have planned ahead of time which photos are “must haves” so you don’t miss any them.

Amateur: It’s hard for a photographer to keep up with everything going on, if he doesn’t know what’s next, he can’t prepare for all outcomes.


5 – The proof is in the pudding

Pro: A good wedding photographer will have earned their stripes from photographing dozens of weddings and will have a portfolio of wedding pictures that inspires you and gives you plenty of ideas for your own wedding photographs.

Amateur: A bad wedding photographer will struggle to present you with a decent portfolio. Instead they’ll usually improvise with a smattering of so-so pictures they pieced together at the last minute.

At Stories Wedding Photography, we always try to bring expectations to reality, because when it comes to crafting images that are really outstanding, we’ve shown a great level of mastery in making those memories look beautiful.

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