Every wedding guest secretly hopes for amazing food, and of course, the wedding couple also wants everything to be perfect that day. Lucky for you, planning a spectacular wedding menu is easier than you think; all it takes is a little pre work, some creativity and a great catering service

Looking for more wedding planning inspiration? Our list of tips for the perfect wedding menu will hopefully help you pick up great ideas for that special day.

1.Plan your wedding menu early

To get your caterer of choice, you may need to book it as much as six months in advance. But if you are having your party at a particular venue, ask first because some wedding venues request to use their in-house chef for catering.

2.Set a budget

Knowing how much money you have to spend in food will help you decide all sorts of things, such as the style of the service, what kind of appetizers to serve and whether you’ll just have a cocktails and appetizers reception or a full meal.

3.Nail down the guest list for the wedding reception

Even if you don’t know exactly yet who’s coming to the wedding, you should at least have a fairly good estimate on how many people will need to be served. If you’re going to have a very large guest list, a delicious wedding menu option might be a creative pasta bar with vegetables and salads; it´s easier and probably more economic than a served plate or a big buffet.

4.Possible allergies and dietary requirements

Planning the perfect wedding menu will imply that everyone can enjoy your reception without having to worry about a trip to the hospital. What about asking in the invitation if the guest is vegetarian, suffers from allergies or is lactose or gluten intolerant? That will give you the chance to choose foods for those people and make them enjoy the party at its full.

5.Use local products

For the most delicious wedding menu options, make sure you’re incorporating whatever is in season, to build your dishes with locally available choices.  This will make fresher dishes and will help your budget!

6.The best snacks

Have a variety of snacks to ease the hunger before the meal is served. You can use a mix of nuts and raisins, or combine salty snacks with vegetarian appetizers.

7.For the main menu you can choose between the following options, with some garnishes and/or salad

  • Meat: steak, glazed roast, baked meat…
  • Pork: the dishes based on pork are also a good choice, like baked tenderloin and stuffed pork loin.
  • Chicken: with a mushroom sauce, roasted or stuffed.
  • Sushi: sushi rolls and sticky rice, to have an outstanding and memorable meal.
  • Pasta: Cannelloni, ravioli, lasagna…
  • Salmon or sea bass

Any way you decide, don´t worry, at Stories Wedding Photography we will help you with the most special day of your life, from the wedding menu, the wedding planner and the wedding venue to the most spectacular photographs of that day. Contact us!