Capturing the bride at every moment of her wedding

The hours before the wedding should not be stressful for the bride; on the contrary, the idea is for her to spend unforgettable moments with her family and bridesmaids, waiting for the moment to say “yes” to the love of her life.

At Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica we are professionals in wedding photography and incapturing the entire process that the bride follows before her wedding:

  • The arrival to the wedding destination
  • Having fun with the bridesmaids
  • Putting on the wedding dress
  • Having her makeup and hair ready
  • Walking down the aisle
  • During the wedding ceremony
  • The vows
  • During the wedding party
  • The party after the wedding


As wedding photographers for us it´s important to capture every single detail of the bride and help her create amazing memories:

Have fun with the bridesmaids


Spending time with her bridesmaids, like Maryna did before her Costa Rican wedding with Val, allows the bride to relax, laugh and prepare for the most important step of her life. The photos of these moments should show happiness, laughter, friendship and maybe some tears of joy!

Hair and makeup


The bride should look spectacular for her wedding, so she goes through a hairstyle and make-up session. These moments are also recorded in her memory and in the wedding preparation pictures, capturing the anticipation to the big event.

The moment every bride is expecting: To try on the wedding dress and the veil


The people around her have their eyes on one thing only: the wedding dress. The bride puts on the dress in which she will marry in a couple of minutes. Then she turns to her bridesmaids with a huge smile on her face.    This is perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the day, so capturing it in photos is decisive. Here you can see some examples of those kinds of pictures: Meghan and Ryan wedding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Holding the bouquet  


Hair and makeup: check. Dress: check. Shoes: check. Veil: check. Now it is the time to hold the wedding bouquet and to look at the mirror completely ready for the wedding, just like Stevie before saying “yes” to Mike.


This is perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the day, so capturing it in photos is decisive. Here you can see some examples of those kinds of pictures: Meghan and Ryan wedding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Seconds before the wedding  


When Kate looked at David from the back we saw one thing only: lots of love! Her expression while looking at him it´s just breathtaking and that´s exactly what we captured in their wedding pictures!

Walking down the aisle 


This is it! Finally the bride walks down the aisle ready to start a family with the man of her life. To capture every step, every smile and every movement it´s vital to have amazing wedding pictures, like the ones you’ll see on Erika and Neil wedding page.

The vows and the “I do!”


Marnie look radiant while saying her vows to Sean and we captured that moment of joy in several photos. On the back, you can also see the bridesmaid sharing the bride’s happiness.


The “I do” comes after many months of planning, and it is the cherry on top of the cake.  Here you can see Shannon’s “I do”, said with a lot of emotion, while Robert was widely smiling.

The kiss


“And now you may kiss the bride” is another important moment to capture in pictures, because the bride and groom are finally husband and wife. For example, we photographed Cristina and Tito from several angles, as you can see in their wedding page

The first dance as husband and wife


After the wedding ceremony and all the accumulated emotions comes the party and the first dance as newlyweds. Jaclyn & Mark lived a very romantic moment while dancing.

Packages for your wedding in Costa Rica  

Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica offers you wedding photography packages that include:

  • Unlimited photostaken throughout six hours, but the time can vary according to your preferences.
  • A second photographer/ assistant.
  • A delivery of the wedding photos package via Dropbox or We Transfer for the couple to download the pictures in high resolution (the link to download the photos will be available for 2 to 4 weeks after the wedding).
  • All the picturesare retouched and digitally optimized.
  • The package also includes a copy of all the photographsretouched in black and white.
  • A special preview with top images that we post post on our blog two weeks after the wedding.
  • All travel and lodging expenses for Costa Rican Central Pacific and North Pacific wedding destinations (the South Pacific destinations mean additional travel and lodging fees).

To help you organize all the details and photos for your wedding contact today the top professional wedding photographer in Costa Rica.