Posing at a wedding had never been so much fun!

With hats, funny masks, signs, carnival items or funny clothes the guests to your dream wedding can spend a unique moment in front of the camera and at the same time help you catch the memories that made that day something even more special.

Photo booths are spaces designed to be like a stage with different backgrounds, where guests can take pictures during the wedding party. Inside there are visual elements to achieve spontaneous, funny and crazy pictures making the celebration even more original.

Photo booths have become a wedding trend; they allow you to capture the joy of your guests and give them the chance to take home a wedding souvenir, because the pictures can be printed right there.

A modern wedding trend: 5 tips to create your photo booth

1.Use a natural scenario

Place a sofa in a natural area, with natural or artificial lighting, where your guests can sit and take pictures.

2.Balloons on a wall

This is a simple but nice idea for a photo booth: place balloons of different colors on a wall and get some circus items like hats, big noises and wigs, to give color to the photos and to entertain your guests.

3.A wall full of flowers

For couples who want more serious wedding pictures, you can use flowers as the background; also use pre-designed cartons with positive messages that guests can hold while taking the pictures, such as: Congratulations!

4.A big picture

Create a giant snapshot with the bride and groom’s name in a corner, as well as the date of the wedding. You can hold it from tree or ceiling for the guests to pose inside.

5.A photo booth inside of a car

Another photo booth trend is to use a car, like a minivan or a Volkswagen and place the camera inside. There will be enough space for your guest to pose in groups and create the funniest pictures ever!
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