Ryan and Amanda had an absolutely stunning beach wedding at the Pangas Beach Club, located on the sands of north Tamarindo beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  Wedding planner Meghan Cox from Mil Besos Costa Rica and Coordinator Sol did fantastic work with making sure that no details were missed and Amanda and Ryan’s special day progressed without a flaw.

Ryan and Amanda met almost 5 years ago at a mutual friends Christmas when Ryan was on leave from an overseas job, although they learned they probably could have crossed paths many times prior in their lives. But they believe everything happens for a reason and they met at the right time for them.

Ryan and Amanda choose Costa because they both LOVE the beach and ocean, Ryan had never been but Amanda’s friend/bridesmaid Brittany lived in Dominical so Amanda visited her there twice and knew Costa Rica would be the perfect location their destination wedding. Ryan and Amanda love the low back vibe and they are both very carefree go with the flow type people, so it just worked perfectly.

The little guy, Ryder, in their wedding is Ryan’s son, now Amanda’s stepson. Amanda and Ryder have been lucky enough to have a great relationship since they met. Ryan and Amanda had a really great group of friends and their family there at the wedding. Ryan and Amanda’s Dad were both in the military and that is an important part of their lives and that day. Otherwise Ryan and Amanda love to travel, spend time at the beach and outdoors as well as relaxing at home with their little family of Ryder and their dog Blue.

A beautiful day, wonderful memories, and the start of a new journey in life for Ryan, Amanda, Ryder and Blue!