Amy & Fernando Costa Rica beach wedding photography in Cala Luna

Amy and Fernando utilized Alexandria Tomayko from Cala Luna, designing their destination wedding at Langosta Beach just a short distance away from Tamarindo.  Cala Luna is a luxury boutique hotel steps away from Langosta beach, enabling Amy and Fernando a true beach wedding ceremony.  The photographers started the photo shoot roughly 1 hour prior to the ceremony allowing them to get some splendid shots of the wedding dress, that was intertwined with exquisite details , the rings, the bouquet, and Amy getting ready for her magical day.  The colors from the decor of the villa blended fantastic with the boxes of the wedding rings, pulling everything together perfectly.   The path leading from the hotel to the beach is marvelous, transforming from the tropical setting full of trees and vegetation, to the sun drenched white sands of the beach.  The day was breezy, so typical for the time of year when the season changes from rainy to dry, which helps blow the clouds away.  Amy and Fernando were elated which was evident from the fun and smiles they carried throughout the day.  A favorite time for the photographers is after the wedding and capturing the shots of the couple with the setting sun walking along the beach.  These are the moments when they capture some of the most spectacular photos that will be cherished forever.  After the sunset photos the dinner and party transpired at the Cala Luna, with the first dance and cake cutting.  A wonderful way to close a wonderful day.