Christina and Tito (Ernesto) had their Costa Rica destination wedding at the Hotel Riu located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on Playa Matapola. The Riu Guanacaste is the lone permanent structure that can be seen from the playa matapalo, a secluded beach snuggled in the gulf of Papagayo. The silvery sandy beach is almost two kilometers long with clean and safe water and visitors can enjoy a swim anytime in the day or night at the beautiful and tranquil beach. Christina & Tito had their wedding ceremony at the Riu, but then proceeded with the celebrations on a catamaran with all of their family and guests. What a wonderful way to celebrate their new journey in life, than a day at sea with family and friends.

Christina and Tito met 6 years ago while working at a summer day camp in Chicago (their hometown) and they are both teachers and absolutely love to travel. One day two of their friends recommended Guanacaste, Costa Rica to them, a few years ago, so they decided to go there for Christmas that year. They were blown away by the culture, the people, the hospitality, and of course the beautiful landscape! When they got engaged, they both knew instantly that they wanted to share their special place (Costa Rica) with all of their friends and family! Now those same feelings of joy and excitement as they come home and tell everyone about their trip is exactly what all 60 of their guests have been doing since they have been back.