Mike and Stevie decided to get married in Costa Rica. They wanted their wedding and time with family and friends to be a tropical adventure.  The bride and groom wished to take them someplace the majority of them had never been, and now, they all have a special connection to Costa Rica.  In addition, Mike and Stevie wanted their wedding to be natural and environmentally conscious; Costa Rica has really embraced this ideology.

Everyone who has met Stevie knows she loves to dance.  She is always taking dance classes and performing.  Traditional Japanese dance, Latin dance, belly dance, Gatos and Bollywood. The result flows anytime there is music. The bride worked on a cross-cultural dance that she had made up.  Stevie was not going to miss this chance to perform!  She had to convince Mike to dance with her and he did a wonderful job!  The dance was choreographed and rehearsed by her good friend, Jesus.  The hardest part was keeping all their practicing a secret because the bride and groom wanted to surprise everyone at the wedding reception.  The result was wonderful and fun, they were VERY surprised! Costa Rica`s vibe was perfect for it!

Stevie saw a video on Yahoo from a wedding where a GoPro was placed on a bottle of liquor.  She showed it to her family and everyone loved the idea, especially her brother who took this project on.  He, of course, wanted to “one up” the Yahoo video and instead of one GoPro on one bottle, The Gauntlet was born consisting of GoPros on a bottle of Grey Goose, Makers Mark, Goldschlager, Jameson, and Patron.  The wedding guests drank from all five bottles in a row, it was a big hit. The Papagayo Peninsula where we had the wedding was the perfect setting for this!

Mike and Stevie wanted the color scheme to reflect moss, reclaimed wood and stones.  They wanted to honor the environment and compliment the natural beauty of the Papagayo Peninsula.  A lot of the pictures reflect that.  The bride and groom, as well as their guests enjoyed the beach at sundown immensely; they thought it was amazing; some of the most beautiful sunset shows you will ever come across are in Costa Rica. Moreover, everyone had wonderful vacation with forty of their closest friends and family.  Together, they went zip lining, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, ate and drank a lot, and had a 3-on-3 basketball tournament/rehearsal dinner.  Mike and Stevie were surrounded by love for six days at a beautiful resort, in a beautiful, peaceful country.

The bride and groom wanted to add that planning a wedding from Los Angeles in Costa Rica seemed challenging.  But with the tremendous help of Barbara at Four Nineteen Weddings, the amazing logistical support from the Four Seasons Papagayo, and skilled vendors, Sergio Pucci Photography and Sunflower Bella, everything went so smoothly that the only worry Mike and Stevie had on the wedding day was to have fun.  It was their best day ever!