Marianne and George are a Costa Rican couple that commenced their wedding by going to a rodeo in Guanacaste where George partook in the activities.  The couple worked with their wedding planner Monica Alfaro (Moalmo) and Eventos Carlos Gil for this special day.  They chose the Hacienda Pinilla in Guanacaste, 4,500 acres of historic ranch property, 3 miles of pristine beaches, and untouched natural landscapes, as their wedding destination.  This was a true story book wedding with Marianne starting the day with her best friend on her lap looking eye to eye.  After all the preparations they proceeded to the quaint chapel, that was beautifully decorated by Eventos Carlos Gil, where they were joined by family and friends and the wedding ceremony took place.  Marianne and George drove to an isolated beach in a pristine antique Toyota jeep with the traditional cans dragging behind for some beach photos.    Later it was off to the celebrations back at the Hacienda Pinilla.  The decorations and detail were outstanding, ablaze with colorful lighting, beautiful centerpieces, and stunning flora.  Like traditional Costa Rican celebrations the evening ended with a carnaval that was  done in a pirate theme.