Floriana & Roberto Costa Rica wedding

Floriana and Roberto had an absolutely stunning wedding, one of the best you have ever seen.  Wedding planner Monica Alfaro and Eventos Carlos Gil really out did themselves with Floriana and Roberto’s wedding.  First off, La Iglesia de San Antonio, besides being a beautiful church itself, was filled with daisies. Daisies lining each pew, giant daisy globes and a wall of daisies filled the alter, as well as more daisy globes and hanging daisies adorned the entrance.

After that you will be blown away with the decorations at the location of the reception.  With an explosion of colors with all the different flowers, neon lights highlighting the different areas, a true carnival with high wire acts, fire breathers, bubble blowers, and the list goes on and on.  The only way to truly capture it all is with viewing all the photos from the event since words just can’t capture it all!