Hann and Mann chose the Pacifico Beach Club in El Coco for their wedding destination in Costa Rica.   The Pacifico Beach Club is magnificently positioned in the middle of the bay’s crescent shaped beach surrounded by glorious rain forest mountains for which Costa Rica is so well-known.  The couple worked with Larrisa Banting from Weddings Costa Rica, one of Costa Rica’s finest wedding planners that has established itself as the foremost wedding design firm in the country.

Like all the wedding photo shoots, the photographers started with photos of the ladies getting ready for the big day and these ladies were having the time of their life.  They were all in a very playful mood as they all got onto the bed and started jumping which offered the photographers some great shots.  Afterwords Hann put on her beautiful white lace wedding gown  and sandals as she finished preparing for the ceremony.  The wedding cake was spectacular and had a cute wedding couple as the topper and the tables had these beautiful yellow tulips with white flowers that blended the bride and bridesmaids gown in the morning, the ties the groomsmen wore, to the colorful bridesmaids dresses that they wore to the ceremony.  I loved the signage, one being “Uncle Nicholas here comes your girl! and my personal favorite “This is how our story begins….”  It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day for Hann and Mann’s ceremony, which led to some great beach photographs of newly wed couple and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  As day turned to night they filled the sky with Chinese lanterns and as for Hann and Mann.

“This is how their story begins…”