Jaclyn & Thomas’s wedding was one of those perfect occasions where everything goes just perfect.  It does all come together when using a Stories preferred wedding planner, Larrisa Banting from Weddings Costa Rica, and a Stories preferred wedding venue, Hacienda Pinilla,.  Jaclyn had a spectacular wedding dress and the wedding photographers were able to get some wonderful shots at the beach.  They like to be creative and you can see the beach photograph they took through the wedding veil.  Jaclyn had a rather large wedding party and they were all having a blast.

As you can see from the wedding photos, Larrisa has an eye for details and pulls everything together for a dream wedding come true for Jaclyn and Thomas.  There are some gorgeous shots of the flowers on the aisle chairs leading to the arch and the tables were set to perfection and had some magnificent centerpieces.  There were mason jars filled with lemon aid for the guests and a fascinating old typewriter that you never would see today.

It was a beautiful day and the wedding ceremony was absolutely flawless as Jaclyn and Thomas exchanged their wedding vows.  After the ceremony the wedding photographers capture some photographs of the wedding party on the beach and then just Jaclyn and Thomas with the setting sun.

A beautiful party followed as the guests toasted Jaclyn and Thomas.  Another wonderful wedding day story with the best wedding photos!