Melissa and Martin had their Costa Rica destination wedding at the Villa Cascada which is the largest resort style private villa in all the Guanacaste area located on a lovely hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  This luxury villa is located just 2 minutes from the black sand beach of Playa Ocotal and boasts stunning views of the Bay of Papagyo.

Their story begins on a cold night in January, where, unbeknownst to Martin, a beautiful young woman walked into the bar where he was celebrating his 27th birthday and changed his life forever. The woman, Melissa, was introduced to him by a friend, and though their time there was brief, she saw something in him, at least enough to accept the inevitable Facebook friend request he sent soon after. They began spending time together, and then more, and then more still, gradually, it became apparent that larger forces were at work; how else could you explain Martin’s sudden taste for gluten-free pizzas and true crime documentaries, or Melissa’s newfound knowledge of soccer and underground hip hop?

This must be real love, the kind that comes around once in a lifetime!