What makes a wedding photographer the best choice?

You’ve probably seen millions of wedding photographers by now. We’re pretty sure this blog wasn’t your first stop. By the time you arrived here, there’s a very good chance that you’ve already seen similar poses and styles of wedding photography, but your case is different:

  1. You’re getting married abroad
  2. You’re coming to one of the most diverse landscapes of the world: Costa Rica.

If you chose Costa Rica as your wedding destination, we’re guessing you’re a very laid back couple, lovers of wild nature and adventure seekers. You need a photographer (or in our case, a team of graphic storytellers) who not only understands your vibe, but also, knows all the best locations to take your wedding pictures and make them memorable.

Getting married abroad and having wedding pictures taken is a lot more than just having hair and makeup done (actually, when you’re in the tropics, that kind of comes second!). You want landscapes and natural scenes in your photo shoot and that’s where hiring local photographers really comes handy.

We work as a team to capture every moment  

Let us introduce our work philosophy and ourselves for a moment. We’re a very dynamic team and we work in duos; we always prefer to have a second shooter. This allows one of us to always be photographing general shots, while the other one is focused on details, gestures and close ups. This teamwork helps us capture those unrepeatable moments in ways that are impossible for a lone photographer.

We’ve known each other for a long time and have worked together professionally on countless successful shoots. We actually met because we constantly kept running into each other on tours or while taking pictures of our country’s natural beauties! That’s right… we were landscape photographers in Costa Rica first, and years after, found in destination wedding photography a very fun way to show our country to our visitors. We really enjoy telling you stories about our beaches and mountains and introducing you to our culture and “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

We would be very pleased to speak with you and answer all your questions. If you’re looking for Costa Rica Wedding Photography Packages, we can also guide you through our offerings. Moreover, we would very happy to suggest locations and best hours for your photographs to be taken! We would love to hear your couple story and figure out together how to get that into your wedding pictures in Costa Rica!

Let’s keep in touch! Contact us for more information here!