The next big thing in Wedding Photography: Storytelling!

The day of your wedding will be full of many emotional memories. How many times have you seen a room full of bridesmaids in complete silence? We bet that number is 0 right? There’s always emotion behind every moment in every wedding that bring anticipation to the table, along with many emotions that give us the opportunity to tell a story for each event.

Our job as storytellers is to collect all moments and behaviors in the very instant they happen, and transform them into an image. Basically, these images help a person who didn’t attend the wedding to feel the emotions like they were there, or to relive that moment when they look back at the pictures. It’s more than a collection of pictures, it’s a story.

Let your story flow through pictures

It’s an experience which captures each moment and presents it like you would a story. Each moment brings you to the next, it’s an visual representation of the events and emotions that occur. This type of imagery enhances the couple’s experience and goes much further than capturing moments, they capture the feelings in the moment they occur.

Portraits are a must, but it’s not about capturing faces. Your wedding may include people who you haven’t seen in a long time, or family members who won’t be around forever, those pictures put you through a story that makes them feel they are with you again. That’s why every event is different and require a great attention to detail.

At Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica, we love creating beautiful stories and seeing how each factor mixes up with another to make memories that last forever, portraying the most important parts of your wedding day. The key is to never lose sight of capturing moments, and to bring a story to every picture taken on your wedding day, a day to be remember vividly, forever.

If you’re thinking about a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica, take a look at the Wedding Stories in Costa Rica that we’ve created throughout the years.

We’d love to be a part of your special day, contact us to learn more about our Costa Rica Wedding Photography Packages.