Are two wedding photographers are better than one?

Here’s a question we get very often at Stories: why do I need two wedding photographers instead of just one? And frankly it’s an answer we love to give.

You’ve spent all of these months preparing for your wedding, getting every little detail together, hiring professionals, and talking to them on the phone or in WhatsApp groups. We understand how difficult it is to host the perfect wedding, and it’s double the struggle when you are doing it in another country.

Why two photographers at your wedding?

We’ve been to enough weddings to tell you this: everything happens too fast. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the minute you’re saying “I do” and then partying like a rock star at your reception, everything feels like it’s in fast forward.

There will be so many people to greet, so many words your loved ones will want to share with you. You’ll be at the center of attention during the whole event… just sitting to grab a bite to eat in peace would be an accomplishment.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had couples asking us if we got to see their wedding cake or the violin duo they hired for the cocktail party after the ceremony.  Things went by so fast they couldn’t find the time to actually enjoy them.

Luckily, we’re able to capture all those moments, because we’re everywhere at all times. And no, we do not have super powers, but since there are two of us, one gets to stay with you all the time while the other is capturing details, candid moments and odd views and angles you’d never be able to see otherwise.

Two Heads are Better than One

This is an example we love to give: think of the ceremony for just a minute, there are so many special moments to capture: the parents are walking the groom down the aisle, giving their blessings with tears of joy in their eyes. At the same moment, the bride is hiding in the car so you won’t see her until she’s actually walking down the aisle. The exact moment you see each other for the first time from your view and then hers… those are pictures we’re pretty sure you’ll want to treasure and they happen in an instant!

Different Skills for Different Moments

Another thing you may not yet know about our wedding photography team is that our backgrounds are very different and they work perfectly together. Sergio, as a passionate natures photographer, knows all the perfect spots for your newlywed photoshoot and knows exactly how to turn any beautiful landscape into a flawless backdrop for your couple portraits.

Diego, on the other hand, takes pictures of rock bands and live action. He knows everything about making creative and edgy group pictures with your family and friends and will also freeze unique moments at your party and reception.

This combination of knowledge, artistic eye and attention to detail, we believe, is what really makes our work stand out. Moreover, we’re know you are trusting us with one of your most valuable memories as a family: you’re relying on us with your wedding pictures and we take it as a great honor and responsibility.  

We hope we answered your question and showed you some of the perks you get when you contact Stories for your special day. If we have yet to talk about your wedding day, but you’d like to know about our services, please call or write us.

If you’d like to know in more detail about our wedding photography packages, please contact us here!