Wedding Stories: Top Costa Rica Wedding Photography

Getting married on a Costa Rican beach with a stunning sunset in the background and a tropical themed reception party with all of your loved ones, these are the elements of a dream wedding. Whatever the particulars of your dream wedding, doing it abroad always adds an extra layer of complication.

If complication is what you’re least looking for, you’re not alone. Finding yourself a team of wedding professionals who can make your life easier and your day worth remembering, is one of the best ways to make sure your memories are pleasant ones.

Speaking of memories, if you haven’t booked a wedding photographer yet, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of graphic story tellers who have the special ability to freeze time in a very exceptional and spontaneous kind of way.

Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica 

They go by the name of “Stories” because that’s what they’ll do, tell your story! Sergio Pucci and Diego Solís are two Costa Rican photographers well renowned for their high-quality graphic storytelling. They’ve developed a great work chemistry and often shoot weddings as a duo. Yet they both come from different photography backgrounds.

Sergio Pucci is best known for his nature and landscape photographs. In the recent years, he has released a collection of best selling books with aerial shots of Costa Rica that show a variety of our national treasures like forests, beaches and volcanoes from very different and amazing angles. He is an adventurer at heart with an uncanny ability for finding amazing spots in Costa Rica to take advantage of in order to create the most memorable portraits. So get ready for breaking the internet when you post your wedding album on social media!

On the other hand, Diego Solís comes from the indie rock music scene. For years, he’s been producing amazing band pictures for promotional purposes, this means he will be able to take the most creative group pictures of you and your family and friends. Also, he has documented live concerts with difficult lighting settings and all the action there can be found in a rock show. He knows how to make awesome photographs of people in action, a skill you can definitely use if you plan on having the fun of your life with all your party animal friends at your wedding.

Booking a crew of professional photographers with experience, master degrees with awards and recognitions is great. Stories has plenty of awards, but they also know that great wedding photography doesn’t come from just that. These guys are fun and laid back and find a way to mingle at your party, in order to get the most unforgettable and spontaneous pictures of your wedding day. That’s an instinct that’s priceless.

If these two sounds like a team you’d love to have in charge of your Costa Rican wedding photography, click here to learn more and contact them: Stories Wedding Photography Costa Rica