Most beautiful beach wedding venues and other wedding destinations in Costa Rica

What makes Costa Rica so special? Maybe it’s the fact that while it represents less than 0.5% of the planet’s surface, more than 6% of the planet’s biodiversity is squeezed into this tiny territory.

Or maybe it’s because there are dozens of places across the country where you can see both the green waters of the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on the other.

Another reason might be the fact that the temperature never reaches 40 degrees Celsius, even in the most sweltering summertime, and that much of the country holds between 20 and 30 degrees most of the year, regardless of season.

Or maybe it’s for reasons that go beyond those of natural beauty and climate, and are buried in the history of this tiny nation: one which abolished its army, laid down its arms and took up books instead, more than 50 years ago.

Maybe it’s because Costa Rica is filled with ‘ticos’, an educated people with 97% literacy, people that are open to the world, that have hope, social security and a high life expectancy (especially in Nicoya, in the country’s north, named one of the world’s “Blue Zones”, where people are exceptionally long-lived).

Or maybe it’s because when the cold dry winds of summer arrive, Costa Rica as a whole transforms, like a freshly drawn butterfly, arrayed in millions of towering trees.

It may be because there is no corner of the land that escapes this metamorphosis, allowing itself to be painted in sun, silk and linen, rainbows and dreams, in a watercolor without end. It could be because of the magic that is born in each branch, and wafted out in fragrant scents and implausible colors, throughout the Costa Rican landscape.

All those are great reasons and the best wedding venues you can find, make of Costa Rica the best choice for your unforgettable wedding story!